Saturday, August 05, 2006

Progeny talent

Where does talent come from? My daughter is the distillation of two amateur artist grandparents, many aunts and uncles with latent or manifested artistic talent, and her father and I who both toyed with the idea of art and music as careers. Now her teachers, professors, and mentors all say she has what it takes.

Part of what was different for her than for those preceding her is that from the time she was a toddler I encouraged her and provided a path for her. For me, the debate over nature vs. nurture and the impact on a person's development is settled; she has the inborn gift, but without nourishment, like all of us who have had the capability but no support, the gift wilts and dies.

More on Middle East

Again I find myself asking, "Why was the fuse on this situation lit if they (the ever wise "administration") did not have a long range plan." I remember thinking and saying this when Bush went to Congress to get their backing to invade Iraq - we shouldn't go without a long range plan. And now, with Bush not calling for a ceasefire between Hezbollah and Israel until there is "a comprehensive plan for lasting and permanent peace in the region" - what are they? on crack or something? The Middle East and its factions have warred with each other long before the United States was a glimmer in its founders' eyes! This area was in upheaval when the mighty Roman Empire ruled territories with an iron fist! How presumptuous and pre-World War II-like to sit back and wait for something that won't happen before standing up and saying "enough"!!! What else is a world leader for if not to LEAD. And not through inappropriately brotherly touching of other leaders, or frat boy bantering with best world leader buddies! I am embarrassed and sad to watch our president represent our country. I feel humiliated at his utter lack of real leadership.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Is this what they want?

So this morning we were watching the microanalysis from Israel's border with Lebanon. There are more reporters in some of these towns than residents or soldiers it seems. First they flip to the Katyusha rockets hitting the hills around them...then flip to pictures of the bombed high rises and dead innocents...then flip to a group of three sitting casually on a picnic bench talking about how one of them cannot get home to his friends in Lebanon...then flip back to New York and advertisements for hair products and Mastercard. Consumerist escapism in all its inanity.

Then they are talking about the public's rating of Bush and the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict. They report that 47% of the people polled approve of how the President is handling this violence versus 20+% who disapprove and 26% who don't know (that in and of itself is mind boggling). I do not understand how we can stand by and watch Israel escalate Hezbollah's act of terrorism into an all out war. It has been speculated that this is actually intentional on the part of the administration, allowing the lobbing of rockets into civilian towns and cities, in order to advance some bigger and presumably more nefarious Middle East plan.

Isn't it ironic that Jesus was born into this world in the Middle East in order to preach tolerance and love.