Saturday, August 05, 2006

More on Middle East

Again I find myself asking, "Why was the fuse on this situation lit if they (the ever wise "administration") did not have a long range plan." I remember thinking and saying this when Bush went to Congress to get their backing to invade Iraq - we shouldn't go without a long range plan. And now, with Bush not calling for a ceasefire between Hezbollah and Israel until there is "a comprehensive plan for lasting and permanent peace in the region" - what are they? on crack or something? The Middle East and its factions have warred with each other long before the United States was a glimmer in its founders' eyes! This area was in upheaval when the mighty Roman Empire ruled territories with an iron fist! How presumptuous and pre-World War II-like to sit back and wait for something that won't happen before standing up and saying "enough"!!! What else is a world leader for if not to LEAD. And not through inappropriately brotherly touching of other leaders, or frat boy bantering with best world leader buddies! I am embarrassed and sad to watch our president represent our country. I feel humiliated at his utter lack of real leadership.


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